Welcome to Playful Planet!

Playful Planet

We are a new community interest company* dedicated to advocacy for children’s rights in the built environment: in particular, their right to play, to be mobile, to access space and to fully participate in the life and culture of their communities.

Our aim is to promote the research, policies, and practices that will better enable children’s enjoyment of these rights within a more child-friendly public realm.

Through events, publications, consultancy work, and direct influencing activity, we aim to work with practitioners, policy-makers, academics, parent-carers, public officials and children and young people themselves, to advance the wellbeing, rights and interests of children – as full stakeholders in public space, and full participants in the wider public realm.

Playful Planet manages the activities of the European Network for Child Friendly Cities, an international advocacy group for children’s rights in towns and cities, and was the organiser of Towards the Child Friendly City, the network’s new international conference, held in Bristol in November 2019.

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